A Course on Epistemic Game Theory

From May 12 – May 23, 2014, the EPICENTER will give a two-week intensive course on Epistemic Game Theory at Maastricht University.

Audience: This course is primarily meant for master and PhD students at all universities in the Netherlands and abroad. But researchers are also very welcome.

Instructors: The members of the EPICENTER: Christian Bach, Angie Mounir, Christian Nauerz, Andrés Perea and Elias Tsakas.

Register? Please send an E-mail to Andrés Perea at: course@epicenter.name

Master and PhD students at Maastricht University should also register via the course Capita Selecta: Econometrics, Mathematical Economics and Operations Research (EBC4011). Officially, this course is part of Capita Selecta.

Book:  The first seven days of the course will be based on the book Epistemic Game Theory: Reasoning and Choice, by Andrés Perea.

More information: Can be found at: www.epicenter.name/course

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