Formal Epistemology Reading Group FA11 #10

The next meeting of the formal epistemology reading group will take place on Sunday (December 4) 6:00pm in Room 720, Philosophy Hall, Columbia University. We shall continue the discussion on the backward induction paradox. Haim and/or Yang will present. Here are some more relevant works that might interest you.

  • Aumann, R. (1998). On the centipede game. Games and Economic Behavior, 23:97–105.
  • Broome, J. and Rabinowicz, W. (1999). Backwards induction in the cen- tipede game. Analysis, 59(264):237–242.
  • Stalnaker, R. (1996). Knowledge, belief and counterfactual reasoning in games. Economics and philosophy, 12:133–164.

Hope to see you all there

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