Formal Epistemology Reading Group FA11 #9

The next meeting of the formal epistemology reading group will take place on Sunday (November 20) 6:00pm in Room 720, Philosophy Hall, Columbia University. We shall move to the backward induction paradox. I suggest we start with the study of the structure of type space. I shall present the version given in Brandenburger & Dekel (1993), where the authors use Kolmogorov’s extension theorem to provide a measure of beliefs with infinite depth. As usual, I will spend a few minutes setting up the framework, leaving most of the technical details in handout, we can then discuss it.

  • Brandenburger, A. and E. Dekel (1993) Hierarchies of Belief and Common Knowledge, Journal of Economic Theory, 59, 189-198

Hope to see you all there!

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