Formal Epistemology Reading Group FA11 #2

The next meeting of the formal epistemology reading group will take place on Wednesday (September 28) 6:00 pm in Room 720, Philosophy Hall, Columbia University.

Thanks to Jeff and Vincent’s recent entry on the Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO) we now have a very nice reading list for the group. I suggest we continue to read interactive epistemology for a few more weeks, and then we can switch to decision theory and dilation, or any topic the group is leaning to. For the next meeting, let us read:

  • Aumann, R. and Brandenburger, A. (1995). Epistemic conditions for Nash equilibrium. Econometrica, 63(5):1161–1180. (attached)
As usual, I will spend a few min presenting the basic idea and relevant background, and then we can discuss it. 

Hope to see you all there!

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