Formal Epistemology Reading Group FA11 #1

The Formal Epistemology Reading Group will resume this week. We will be meeting on Wednesdays 6pm in the graduate student lounge (720 Philosophy Hall, Columbia University). Here is a tentative list of topics that we prepare to cover this semester:

  • Aspects of Common Knowledge (models of common knowledge, agree to disagree theorem, backward induction, common knowledge vs. common belief, common prior assumption, etc.)
  • Causal Decision Theory (John might come to present his recent work)
  • Imprecise probability, Dilation, Exchangeability (To prepare this, I will be reading Halmos (1974) and Ash (2000) on Measure Theory this semester, let me know if you’d like to join me.)

Please be advised that the reading list is alway open for suggestions, you are welcome to propose or present any topic that interests you. To state the convention again, all the meetings are informal and the readings are light, if any. You are welcome to extend the invitation to anyone who might be interested in the reading group.  For the coming Wednesday, we will be discussing Brandenburger & Dekel’s 1987 paper titled “Common Knowledge with Probability 1” (attached).

As usual, I will spend a few minutes presenting the framework and then we can discuss it. 

Hope see you all there!

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