Formal Epistemology Reading Group FA11 #0

There are two announcements in this message:

  1. The formal epistemology reading group will resume next week. Please click this link for a poll at which, hopefully, enables us to isolate a time slot that best fits everyone’s schedule. We are still in the process of generating a reading list for this semester. Please let me know if you have any suggestion. I shall send an update with a tentative program in a later time.
  2. We do have an extra meeting this week (Wednesday 6pm at 722 or 715 Philosophy Hall) with a visitor from Netherlands.  We will be discussing Haim’s 1982 paper (attached). Please let me know if the time is inconvenient for you.

Please also be advised that all the meetings will be informal, the organizers will usually take the burden introducing the subject and relevant information of the day. So please feel free to join whenever you can.  

Hope to see you all there!

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