Progic 2011 at Columbia University

Please see the original announcement here.

The Progic conference series is intended to promote interactions between probability and logic. The fifth installment of the series will be held at Columbia University in New York on September 10th and 11th of 2011. While several of the earlier Progic meetings included a special focus, Progic 2011 will honor Haim Gaifman‘s contributions to the intersection of probability and logic. Progic 2011 will consist of 11 talks, including invited talks by the following:

Progic 2011 will also include a memorial session to honor Horacio Arlo-Costa (Carnegie Mellon) who was scheduled to speak at the conference but passed away on July 14, 2011.

A detailed schedule can be found here.

A PDF of the detailed schedule and all abstracts for all eleven papers can be found here.

An interactive map of Columbia campus is available here.

  • Saturday talks will take place in 602 Hamilton Hall.
  • Sunday talks will take place in 403 International Affairs.

Special Issue: We have made arrangements to publish all 11 papers from the conference in a special issue of the Journal of Applied Logic.

Local organizer:

Jeff Helzner

Progic Steering Committee:

Rolf Haenni
Jan-Willem Romeijn
Gregory Wheeler
Jon Willamson

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