Common Knowledge Reading Group #2

Dear All,

The next meeting of the Common Knowledge reading group will take place on Thursday (May 19) 2pm at the graduate student lounge. Last time, we discussed Aumann, R. J. (1976). “Agreeing to Disagree” and we will be reading Jon Barwise’s 1987 paper “Three Views of Common Knowledge” (attached) tomorrow. As usual, I will present the basic ideas and concepts in the paper to get the conversation started.

Here is a tentative reading list for the future meetings (please feel free to suggest any title you want to add to the list):

Barwise, J. 1988. Three Views of Common Knowledge.
Collins, J. “How We Can Agree to Disagree”
Geanakoplos, J. D., & Polemarchakis, H. M. (1982). We Can’t Disagree Forever
Milgrom, P. 1981. An axiomatic characterization of common knowledge.
Rubinstein, Ariel. 1990. On the Logic of “Agreeing to Disagree”

Hope to see you tomorrow.

All the best,

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